The art and mastery of the heartfelt design.

“Eglantina Frroku realized very early that the Mediterranean chic of her collection only becomes a special perfection in the combination with German perfection. That is why the second artistic home of Eglantina Frroku Germany in Bietigheim-Bissingen has become the quasi-Swabian center of quality aspiration.”

by Peter Eckert

Eglantina Frroku ®


Eglantina Frroku was born in a country that deeply embodies the best artistic Mediterranean culture. The handmade folk costumes of that particular region were famous, and still are, for their craftsmanship and original beauty since medieval times. The roots of this art are transmitted generation to generations almost unchanged in their motives and colorful symbolism, a very rare mastery that Frroku learned from her grandmother, the one who placed with love the 1st cornerstone in her career. It’s there, in this meticulous work, that she embodied in her creations traditional filigran tailoring techniques with traditional stylistic elements of design.

After she was trained in the Applied Arts in her country, including acting, she worked with some of the most famous painters and scenic designers, that she developed her unique taste and become a well recognized artist. It is from this particular experience that she draws her unique vision and her own creative personality. She is continuously producing new glamorous collections and special dress designs, combining her creative energy with a flawless implementation, innocently and freely expressed in every one of her pieces.

Nowadays she is not just the proud owner of a successful enterprise but an artist prepared with the fourth exposition of her ouvre d’art including, individually tailored seasonal and wedding dresses, as well as glamorous exclusive design collections for you. Handmade garments and totally natural materials, are essential parts amazingly intertwined with the designs of her creations, blooming with soft colors and beautiful delicately laced tulle and flowers. Artist-designer Englantina Frroku has a unique vision for her art, for what the modern market demands, therefore incorporates naturally the individual customers’ requests with a clear new design. The combination of tradition and experience with her precise execution and poetical expression is, in fact, her signature. With even more yet to come.

Eglantina Frroku, designer from Baden-Württemberg!

by Emil Asdurian